A better mask for a better world.


Whether you work in a grocery store, drive an Uber, or work in a restaurant or hotel, our mask makes it easy to greet your guests and communicate easily, keeping you and your customers safe.


Whether you are an EMT, a surgeon, or a long-term care nurse, our washable reusable mask was designed with you in mind. A semi-custom fit and interchangeable filters make it comfortable and easy to use.


Whether you are a teacher, a police officer or professional football coach, our mask protects you and those around you. We can customize our masks to suit the unique needs of your staff, students and athletes.


Whether you work on a construction site or in a factory, our mask is designed to provide the protection you need when you need it most. Our mask will keep you safe with the widest range of filters available.




Our ISO certified filters were selected for performance. All of our electrostatic options have been tested by Nelson Labs with > 99% efficiency. Our virucidal filter captures > 99.75% of virus particles.



The Makana mask is a reusable washable facemask designed to protect you wherever you may be. Comfortable face seals, interchangeable filters, and custom color options create endless possibilities.



Our filters provide best-in-class protection, whenever you need it. Whether you need a breathable electrostatic filter for your grocery run or a defense grade antiviral for the ER, Makana has you covered.



Our proprietary face seal conforms the mask to the face creating a secure fit. A unique airflow system and Makana filters give you options to breathe easily no matter where you live, work, study or play.


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The Real Toll of Disposable Masks

Three million disposable masks are thrown away every minute—and it’s trashing the planet. Along with vaccines and social distancing, masks are an essential way to stop the spread of COVID-19. But disposable masks are causing their own problem—a growing environmental catastrophe. Just how bad is disposable face mask pollution for the planet? Consider these facts:[…]

Prep for Wildfire Season

Think Ahead During Wildfire Season In areas prone to wildfires, preparation can bring peace of mind. Wildfire season has gotten longer and more intense, leaving many of us feeling on edge. But a bit of strategic prep work can mean the difference between constant anxiety about your safety and the air you’re breathing—and confidence that[…]