Behind the Mask

For years, N95 paper surgical masks have served as the gold standard in the medical arena. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and disposable. These masks do not fit all faces, rarely create a comfortable face seal, and provide little protection with extended use.

In early 2017 our Chairman and Founder approached SMI Molding, Inc., experts in injected molded parts, with a simple question, “Can I make facemask that is reusable that will truly protect people?” We asked ourselves, “What if we could make a facemask that was reusable, protective, and easily fit to the face with interchangeable filters for different conditions?

The Makana facemask combines SMI Molding knowledge of thermoplastics and elastomers with Makana USA manufacturing capabilities and market knowledge. This relationship has produced the most environmentally friendly and comfortable facemask on the market that truly protects. We created a facemask that protects you and those around you, with unique features designed to increase comfort, performance and utility. Most importantly, we created an easy to clean reusable product, reducing waste.

At Makana, all of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. Innovation, quality and performance are important to us. With the exception of our antiviral filters which are small batch manufactured in the United Kingdom, every element of your Makana facemask, is American made.