A Message from our Founder

For the last 20 years, I have traveled back and forth to Cambodia and Vietnam as the leader of a medical non-profit. I have witnessed first hand the adverse impact that increasing pollution has had on these populations.

As a surgeon, father and humanitarian, I wanted to provide these at-risk groups with  something better than the surgical masks that I wore in the operating room. I asked my family to help me design a better option – a reusable medical grade facemask formed to fit any face. I reached out to my friends and colleagues, and they were eager to help. We tested endless materials, face forms and filters to design a safer mask. Everything we produce is engineered, sourced, and manufactured in the US.

We created a safe, comfortable mask that is easy to use and easy to wear, a facemask for everyone to use whenever and wherever they might need it. Welcome to Makana.

Why We Makana

Makana is a gift. We are humanitarians first and innovators second. At the beginning we set out to design an anti-pollution mask for at-risk populations in developing nations; something we rarely worry about in the United States. We wanted to create a washable reusable facemask; improving comfort, function, and performance while  reducing unnecessary waste. We designed our mask to protect the most vulnerable populations from airborne pollutants. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we collectively agreed to create a mask that could be worn all day, everyday. Our interchangeable filters make our facemask the most user-friendly protection available for everyone. Our mask is an excellent option for everyday use by the general population, one that protects all of us.

At Makana we make the world a healthier place one breath at a time.